New Japanese Snacks Direct from Japan to your Doorstep !!!!

April 9, 2015
We are happy to announce that we have delicious otaku food ie Japanese snacks available to you
directly shipped from Japan !!! Right now you can go navigate to our on this site to see what deals we are currently offering on our Ebay auctions ^^.
we have successfully relocated our USA offices to Japan & look forward to continuing to bring
you cute items, tips,photos & experiences from the home of anime !

Thank You ,
Yukiko Sosumi

WoW !! Huge Handbags have hit the street !!

April 24, 2010
I can understand that people can really collect a lot
of stuff while walking around the streets of NY, but
are suitcase-sized "pocket books" really the answer?
It's already difficult enough to find an empty seat on the
subway without being sandwiched in between two people
carrying these things !
Leave the luggage at home and save your spine ladies!
Tell us what you think !!

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Has the worldwide recession hit the New York fashion scene?

August 3, 2009
There seem to be clues that the scene is making a comeback !! Stay tuned !!
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Moderator Extraordinaires !

Yoshiki Tokushu & Yukiko Sosumi Hello Fashionistas !! We have been fashion consultants and designer/producers most of our lives. Love to talk about trendsetters and "fashion road-kill". We plan,manage and produce many runway shows around the world from Miami to Dubai. Fashion Design,Photography and print ad campaign development have been special favorite talents of ours. We love to be "in the trenches" of the fashion industry ! Kudos to our models ,artists,photographers and supporters!!

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